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Monthly Archives: August 2008

The New Orlean Hornets were found in the year 1988. They were first known as the Charlotte Hornets and became the New Orlean Hornets in the year 2001. They have gotten a good team with Chris Paul, Pega Stachvawich, and, Bonzi Wells. They may have a shot at winning a NBA tital.  


The Denver Nuggets were found in the year 1967, and joined the NBA in the year 1976. They were origianlly known as Denver Rockets, until the year 1974 they changed to the Denver Rockets. They have won no champisonships, but just accquared an ammasing them with Carmello Anthony, Allen Iversion, and Markes Cambey. With this all star team they are guarnteed to win at least one tital.

The Cleveland Cavaliers were found in the year 1970. The won only one NBA tital. From the year they were found they had a good them until the 1980s. From then the team kept on losing. In the year 2004 they won the draft lotterey, drafting Lebron James. This NBA super star is the key to the Cavs funture.


The New Jersey Nets were found in the year 1967.  They where offically known as the New York Nets but in the year 1968 they changed into the New Jersey Nets. They have 2 ABA championships, but have no NBA championship. They now have a good team with vince carder, richered jerfreson, and, and deven harres.

Lakers are the best team in the NBA. They where found in the year 1948. The Lakers were found in millapous and then moved to Los Angeles. Now they have the best player in the world, Kobe Bryant. With this player, Lakers are the best.

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